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Windows 8: “Changing Everything”

Just a short entry, but earlier today, I watched the keynote address at Microsoft’s Build Conference, focusing on the upcoming Windows 8, due next year.

Color me VERY impressed.

What we saw was just a developer preview, but Microsoft delivered on what I’ve been saying all along. Ever since Windows Phone 7 came out, I’ve been saying that Microsoft should bring the phone’s Metro interface to Windows and focus on the touch experience, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

I’ll be installing the preview build later tonight, but WP7’s interface is almost directly added to Windows; the focus is on touch and swipe, but the OS still works wonderfully with a keyboard and mouse as well.

This is indeed the future, and if there ever was an iPad killer out there, then Windows 8 is it.

Check out the on-demand viewing of the keynote address and see some really cool demos of the developer build of Windows 8:

I’ll have a more detailed review after I install and play with the OS.