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What’s shaking the house?

So, things have been getting pretty cool over in Cadence Thump land, as I said in my last post. Dave and I recorded a ton of guitar tracks so that I can sit down and write some bass lines.

Well, I wanted to be able to write some cool bass lines, and therefore I figured an easy way might be to have more notes available to play with.

Who am I kidding? I’ve wanted a six-string bass since I was 16 years old. And finally, on Friday, after 15 long years, I got my wish.

Feast your eyes on THIS!

Drop-D tuning be damned!

The Ibanez SR506.

What a machine! It’s a little lighter than my Peavey Fury IV, but I gotta tell you, the extra width on the neck is crazy. I have smaller hands to begin with – my fingers are short – I can’t touch my brain when I pick my nose some some people can – so it’s almost like learning to play bass all over again.

Looks like there’ll be some long nights ahead re-playing scales and such to get used to having that extra string in the way, and to reach across that neck.

However, I love it, and I wouldn’t trade that rumbling, earth-shaking low B and C now that I’ve got it for anything.

Well, maybe a Snickers.

Just kidding.

Now all I need is a bigger amp. :)