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VH ADKOT Day 2: “She’s The Woman”

The second song on the new Van Halen album “A Different Kind Of Truth” is one of those songs from the late 70’s/early 80’s that was redone for this new album, and you can tell. This sounds like something you might have heard on the first or second album, and personally, this sounds very much like the style of the songs from the first Van Halen album.

This song opens up with Eddie playing a quick lead over a quick repetitive bass run from Wolfgang, and leads into the first time the album really rips your face off as this one kicks in HARD. Wolfgang’s pounding bass line underneath Eddie’s staccato riff along with Alex’s drums really makes you get into this one straight from the beginning. I can see where this would be a fantastic song to play live – the way the song is structured and even the simple mechanics of playing this song would be HUGE in a live setting in an arena. It just sounds very raw and powerful, the essesnce of a great VH song.

Eddie’s licks and runs between the verses tie the song together very well, and the chorus is a classic repeated vocal line over some big power chords, and Edward has a nice solo in this song as well – it’s more musical than the one in “Tattoo”, and then Edward finishes it off with some quick scales reminiscient of the solo in “Jump”. All the way through the song, Wolfgang lays down a very solid foundation, but he gets his moments to shine and he nails some excellent runs and licks as exclaimation points in between the rest of the parts of the song. Alex is solid as ever, and Roth sounds perfect.

Overall: “She’s The Woman” would have been an excellent choice to open the album with rather than “Tattoo” – the song is heavy, fun, and vintage Van Halen. Each of the band members adds their own mark to the song, and it’s an excellent listen.

Score: 9 out of 10

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