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Turning Over One Of Those Stones

I’m not going to waste a whole other post about the Oilers, but come on – they did everything I pointed out a couple entries ago, and whaddyaknow? A 4–0 shutout, and on the way to Game 7 tonight! Bring that Cup back to Canada, guys!

You know how I said in my introductory post about how I wasn’t going to be afraid of turning over stones and pushing boundaries with my topics? This post is one of those.

After you read this, you may have the right to call me a racist… I think I might prefer the phrase “applying a stereotype”, as I’m not trying to be malicious, as most racist remarks are, but this is simply the truth.

Winnipeg has a fairly large Phillipino population. If I recall correctly, we have the largest Phillipino population per capita in Canada. Do I have anything personal against Phillipinos? No, I don’t think I do.

But I DO have a complaint.

I love driving. With our new house, I commute probably 40 minutes one way to work in rush hour. I don’t think twice if I need to cross the entire city and drive for an hour to get something done, whereas others will be all like “Eh, I don’t want to drive all the way over there.”

Not me. Saddle em up, and let’s go.

So, I guess you might say that I’m exposed to traffic a little more than the average person. I think it’s fair to say that you might call me a SME (subject matter expert) on traffic in Winnipeg. Now, I may push boundaries in blog posts, but I usually don’t on the road. I may drive a couple extra kilometers over the speed limit – nothing excessive, mind you – and I stop properly at lights and stop signs, I use my signals properly (only about 3% of Winnipeggers do, and it PISSES ME OFF). I turn into the proper lanes. I’m a pretty good driver, I like to think.

So, as your resident traffic SME, and one that likes to drive a lot, probably my BIGGEST pet peeve out on the road is people that refuse to drive the speed limit, and hold up traffic for blocks on end.

Like I said, I like to push a few extra kilometers on the speed dial – if the limit’s 50, I’ll do 55… if it’s 60, I’ll do 65… but COME ON… there is absolutely NO reason for anyone on a perfect summer day to be driving 30 kilometers an hour in a 60 zone. It’s a sunny day, the weather is perfect, the roads are perfect… well, as perfect as Winnipeg roads can be (thank you, Mayors Katz and Murray). If you’re in perfect conditions, it’s simple.


If it’s 60, do 60. I can even live with someone doing 55 or 50, but if you’re doing 40, or 30, or even worse 20 (belive me, I’ve seen it!), there’s absolutely NO reason to hold me or other drivers up under perfect road conditions. In the winter? FINE! Use caution – the streets are slipperier (is that a word?) than a banana peel lathered in 40 weight.

Almost every time – probably 8 times out of ten – I realize that I’m coming up on a car REAL FAST – and the person DOESN’T have their break lights on, I drive past them and look into the car, and it’s a Phillipino.

8 times out of 10 that one person is clogging up a lane of traffic in rush hour, and when I finally pass them 10 minutes later – it’s a Phillipino.

8 times out of 10 that a person exits off a side street and pulls in front of me slower than I can run a mile (AND THAT’S SLOW!!) – you got it, it’s a Phillipino.

The other 2 times? It’s an old fart who has no business being on the road in the first place.

And in the rarest of occasions, it’s my buddy Bryon.

(I’m going to get shot for that one.)

So I guess we’re at the racist/stereotypical part.

What’s it about Phillipinos and driving, other than if you asked them, they’d confuse drive FAST with drive PAST? What is it about these people that they have to drive 20 km below the posted limit?

You can get tickets for that! It’s driving dangerously, like when I mentioned I come up on a car that’s moving so slow, but you can’t tell it’s almost stopped, cause there’s no brake lights – it’s present a danger on the road. How do these people get their licenses if they can’t drive properly and move at the standard pace of traffic?

When 80 year olds get caught doing that, their licenses are taken away from them. Why not these people?

I guess it’s not so bad. I could complain about something more serious – it’s not like they’re out killing people, or hanging out in drunk groups cluttering up our downtown areas, but it’s bloody aggravating when it affects me.

Let’s go, people! Buck up and drive!

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    Oh dear…

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    Oh dear…