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Thumpin’ Right Along…

What a week it’s been for Cadence Thump (bloggy) this past week.

I know Dave was a little frustrated that we weren’t moving along as fast as he’d liked. Dave is uber-passionate about this band, and wants it to succeed so much, he can actually taste it. He really can. Last week, we really only had one song in the can, but this week it’s like someone hit a switch, and the group just suddenly had all this chemistry, it was just crazy.

At the end of a long jam session, Nemmy just started playing Shinedown’s Simple Man out of the blue, and the rest of the band just kicked in, and it was like someone had waved a magic wand, and it was awesome. We’d NEVER attempted to play the song together before, but it came out perfect, and Victor showed us the pipes of a god in that song. He was just GOLD.

Gold to the point where Nemmy dropped a F-Bomb in front of my fiancee’s dad. It was great.

So now, we pretty much have 2 originals ready – just have to get me going on backup vox – as well as covers of Clapton’s “Cocaine”, Bon Jovi’s “Dead Or Alive”, the aforementioned Shinedown’s “Simple Man”, and The Scorpions’ “Big City Lights”.

I’m happy to provide a lot of input as well – from timing cues for Patrick on drums, to suggesting alternate arrangements, I’m just having a ball.

Things are looking up for Cadence Thump, and soon enough, we’re going to be thumpin’ in a club near you.