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Yup, There’s An App For That! (Or This!)

Translation: This blog now has a Windows 8 app! #SHOCKING

If you’re running Windows 8, I’ve released an app in the Windows Store so you can read my blog from either this web site (where you are now), or, well, the app. Which is the reason for this post. Umm, duh.

Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Download the app using the Windows Store badge below (if for no other reason that I can see the download numbers go up LOL)!


The Next Version Of Windows

Yeah, I’m a geek. First, a massive post on Windows Phone 7, and now one on the core Windows operating system.

Microsoft posted a video on Twitter of a sneak preview about what’s going into the next version of Windows:

I’ve been talking for months – after I got my Windows Phone 7 device – about how cool it would be if Microsoft put the Metro interface of the phone OS into its desktop OS, and by golly, that’s *exactly* what they’ve done.

Except, it’s WAY more comprehensive. And this is just the early stages.

I haven’t been this stoked about an OS since Windows 95, and it’s all over four and a half minutes of video. I’m really looking forward to this!