A Message to Team Fantini

Or as Steph calls it: Team Awesome, lol.

Time to begin the journey, folks. It’s gonna be rough. There’s going to be times where we might all just want to say “fuck it” and pack it in. It’s gonna be hard.

But we’re in good hands with Jason. The guy sounds like he really knows his shit. If we just follow what he tells us, and we work hard, it’s going to be awesome, indeed!

For those times where you DO just want to say “fuck it”, keep in mind the video below.

We can do it!

Greatest Jerome Iginla Song EVAR

I was going to entitle this "The Greatest Thing Ever", but then I’d have to keep reusing that title as the next awesome thing I’d find on the internet would become the Greatest Thing Ever, and you, my faithful blog reader, deserve a little more variety in my post titles than that.

Anyhoo… my buddy Ryan posted this on his Facebook, and this indeed rivals the Ukranian Katy Perry polka.

I’m not the biggest Flames fan ever, but I DO like Jerome Iginla, which makes this video all the more awesome.

So, without further ado, I present to you, the Jerome Iginla Please Stay In Calgary song.

You’ve GOTTA See This.

Today, I made quite possibly the greatest find in the history of the Internet. And, it came courtesy of the Ellen show! Imagine that.

But, I just had to share!

Everyone love those goofy Ukranians.

And we all know that the Ukranians love their polkas.

How can you not love a Ukranian polka? Especially when it’s done to the tune of Katy Perry’s "Hot N Cold".


Anyway, have a look-see.