Here We Go Around…

Run, run around, yeah…

Ah, good old Van Halen.

But that’s not what I’m talking about today. I use the “around” word literally here. For those of you that know our dog, Kira, you know that she likes to run around in circles when she gets excited.

You know, like she’s herding something.

We long thought Kira had herding instinct in here. When she was younger, she used to circle around Cola in the backyard and lie down in the grass, waiting for her moment to spring forward. Or, she’d run miles around the coffee table.

So, while Kira’s active in agility and flyball, we thought that finally she’d might like herding, so we gave it a try. Stephanie took her to her Herding Instinct test two weeks ago, and she passed. Certificate and all!

Yesterday was her first real class, and like a proud dad, I went along to check it out, video camera in hand. The instructor Faye said Kira has a very strong gathering instinct, evident by her running circles around the sheep and keeping them all together.

I think she’s going to do well. Thanks to Faye at 4uFarms for teaching a great class, and we’re looking forward to more! We saw Faye’s dog Ben at work, and lemme tell you, this guy is AWESOME. If Kira gets half as good as Ben, I’ll be very happy.

Anywho, if you’d like a decent laugh from watching Kira run around at about 417 MPH for a few minutes, then have a look at the video!