Dancing With The Stars

Well, ok… that post title may be a *little* bit misleading.

You see, I don’t dance a damned lick.

BUT, this post is all about the stars.

Today was Day 1 of the Manitoba ComicCon (clicky), and I gotta tell ya, it was a star-studded afair to be sure. There were tons of tv and movie stars known all over geekdom, and the people came out in droves to see them.

So, donning my Christopher Reeve Foundation dogtag, Stephanie and I braved the crowds to meet our favorites and peruse the merchandise.

The list of guests is on the site, but just to name a few: Smallville’s Justin Hartley and Erica Durance (Green Arrow and Lois Lane, respectively), Lou Ferrigno (the Original Incredible Hulk), John DeLancie (Q on Star Trek: TNG), Helen Slater (Supergirl), among many others. The ComicCon crew did a fantastic job of assembling a fine cast to grace us this year.

But before we get on with the stars (okay, I lied… this post isn’t ALL about the stars), the GeekDom was out in full force. With any kind of GeekCon, you have to expect that there’ll be people dressed up as their favorite actor/actress/tv show rep/alien/furry creature, and today surely didn’t disappoint. There were Jedi’s, superheroes of all sorts, video game characters, and fuzzy beings of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at some of these pictures that we took, and click on them for a bigger image:

Random Fuzzy Creature:

Indiana Jones

Halo’s Master Chief

We also saw a really hot girl (well, her body, anyways) in a black Spiderman suit, a girl dressed up as Wonder Woman, many Batman outfits, Jedi’s, Bobba Fett, and all kinds.

Did I say there were celebrites? Of course I did.

Our friends Angie and Karen joined us at ComicCon, and Angie is a gigantic Hulk fan, so she was there to see big Lou Ferrigno. The guy is still massive and looks like he hasn’t changed in 20 years. He has arms the size of my legs (well, almost). Did I say he was huge?

Here’s a pic of Lou at the autograph table:

Stephanie and I got to meet John DeLancie, who was AWESOME in his recurring role as “Q” on Star Trek: TNG. He was often the best part of the show, and he played his character very well. In person, he seemed a little eccentric – he made everyone wait while he gobbled down some yogurt, lol.

Our friend Karen, besides being a Star Trek geek, is also a monster Stargate fan, so we got a shot of her with Stargate star (that’s a lot of star in this sentence) David Palffy:

Now, on to the two big reasons we were starstruck today. Steph and I are big time Smallville fans (I’m a glutton for anything Superman, and it’s a great show), and ComicCon featured two of the show’s stars – Green Arrow and Lois Lane.

One thing I have to say… even though there was a huge line up, Justin Hartley (Green Arrow) is very personable guy. Seems very down to earth and guy-next-door. He had a big shiner under his left eye, and he took time to tell us the story of how he got the shiner working on a stunt on the show. Top-notch guy, and I’m glad we got to meet him. We were going to leave, and then Steph said we should go see him. Good call, hon. Here’s a pic of us with him:

Steph thinks he’s dreamy – black eye and all. ;)

The main reason I wanted to go today was to see Erica Durance. If Steph can think that Justin Hartley is dreamy, then I can think that Erica is smoking hot. And, I gotta say, she’s much better looking in person as compared to the show – and she’s AMAZING on the show. We got to talk for a couple moments, and one thing that struck me is that she’s a lot smaller in person than she seems on the show. She’s actually tiny. Did I say she was smoking hot? Here’s a pic of us with her:

We’ve got others, but then this post would be incredibly long, if it wasn’t already.

Did I mention Erica is hot?

And finally, we go to ComicCon for the merchandise. Steph dabbles in Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter, but she usually doesn’t buy anything unless she finds something really cool. This year, she didn’t buy anything, but came away with a really cool shot of her and a Yoda statue:

And for me, I always try to make one special Transformers purchase every year. This year, I made a HUGE score, with a boxed Japanese Masterpiece Skywarp! He was always my favorite of the Decepticon jets. Here’s a couple pics of the box:

So there you have it, ComicCon 2008. I’d say it was a huge success, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year. If you’re into any kind of video game, comic, movie, toy… I suggest you take this in if you can.

Good times.

And no dancing involved.

More Than Meets The Eye

Held on the past weekend in Winnipeg, it’s the 2006 Manitoba ComicCon. I won GOLD passes from the radio, so it’s free admission, plus I got to go in 30 minutes before anyone else did. There’s tons of shit there – thousands of comics, all kinds of Star Wars, Star Trek, multitudes of other action and sports figures, and comic artists showing off their stuff. I of course went for the Transformers, and I picked up some good stuff…

Slugfest Cassette: (my wife actually bought this for herself):

Titanium Jetfire:

Titanium Optimus Prime:

Classics Optimus Prime:

And the score of the day: a 100% complete Metroplex

I ALMOST bought a boxed, complete Fortress Maximus, but I couldn’t part with the $500. I will be back next year though, and that sucker’s going to be mine. MINE!! I just wish I had a money tree growing in my backyard, cause there was all kinds of great stuff there.

Ah, there’s always next year.