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So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing. I’m going to try and remedy that, really, I am. I should be posting a lot more. Otherwise, why have the damned site?

Life’s been busy, as I’m sure it is for everyone at most times. Work’s been hectic, plus boot camp (the reason for this post!), helping out with dog agility, getting ready to go to Toronto this week (can anyone say TRANSFORMERSCON?!?!), and the myriad of other things that go on in our lives from day to day.

But, I won’t bore you with kvetching about the trials and tribulations about my life. I wanted to write to you today to let everyone know how things are going with boot camp and the whole weight loss thing.

We wrapped up the Biggest Loser competition back at the end of May, and while we didn’t win the competition, all four of us have seriously improved our lives. I think after the competition, we all kinda had a week or two of “wow, this thing is finally over!” and things were different. That’s not to say that we all of a sudden went from eating really well to eating McDonald’s every day, but things like eating 3 or 4 times a day instead of 5 or 6, drinking less water… it all adds up.

We’re still losing weight, but it’s not as fast as it was at the start. I guess that’s why it’s said that this is a lifestyle change, not a “diet”. You can’t to it in spurts – you have to keep at it every single day.

But regardless whether it’s coming off in droves, or it’s coming off in drips, the point is, it’s coming off, and that’s the most important thing.

Stephanie is doing amazing. She’s well over the 40 pound mark, closer to 50, I believe. Feeling, looking,  and just living so much better. I’m so proud of her.

Me? I just hit the 75 pound mark. My back is no longer sore. All those little things – going for a walk, mowing the grass, standing in line at a concert, or going shopping – now all pain free, and my quality of life is just so much better. I now don’t hesitate at doing those small things like I did before because of the pain. Things are just so much better.

Stephanie keeps saying it’s a small miracle, and really, it is.

If you guys want an endorsement of any kind, here it is. Thank you so much to Jason at Winnipeg Adventure Bootcamp. His meal plans and nutritional advice, plus his fun (yet tough) workouts have done so much to help us turn around. No gimmicks here folks. Just eating right and working hard, and Jason is top-notch when it comes to providing you that information and kick in the ass, as well as support when you need it. Highly recommended for anyone who needs it!

I’ll be back with TransformersCon report after the weekend!