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My Hockey Sh!t List

My Hockey Sh!t List

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m one of those hockey junkies that needs it to live, like blood, or oxygen. I have some great loves in hockey and some all-time favorites; Gretzky will always be my favorite player ever. The Detroit Red Wings will always be my favorite team. I’m totally immersed in the return and rebirth of our own Winnipeg Jets.

But, as I have some great favorites, I have some things in hockey that I depise with as much passion as the things I really love in hockey.

And here’s my Top 5:

#1: The Toronto Maple Leafs

Why, you ask? Yes, I know they’re a Canadian team, but when you’ve grown up in small-town Manitoba and one of the three channels you got on TV was CBC and your hockey was limited to Hockey Night In Canada for nearly 20 years, you get sick and tired of the CBC’s constant shoving of the Maple Laughs down our throats pretty quick. That, combined with the TSN’s (aka Toronto Sports Network) doing the same thing as well in recent years, and my Maple Leafs Suffrage-Meter has peaked out, nay, exploded, and I’ve had quite enough.

Oh yeah, and they suck.

They suck so much, their name has been taken OFF the Stanley Cup because they haven’t come close to it in almost 45 years.

It’s a shame, too, that Nazim Kadri and James Reimer (OPTIMUS REIM!!) got stuck in such a shitty organzination. The only times I watch Leafs games is if I get to enjoy my Wings whipping their asses, or if the Jets happen to be playing them.

#2 The Montreal Canadiens

Why? See #1 above. The only reason they get the #2 spot and aren’t tied for #1 with The Bugs is that they have P. K. Subban. PK is AWESOME. Finally, a talented kid that has the guts to stand up to the vets and play like he can every night. Love his attitude, and he’s fun to watch.

#3 Philadelphia Flyers Fans

Screw you, you bunch of disrespectful assholes for booing the Canadian National Anthem at the 2012 Winter Classic. The least classy fans in the NHL.

#4 NHL Officials

Normally, I’ve been a proponent of the officials in the NHL. They’ve done pretty excellent work, raising their game over the past several years from the mess that we had in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

But what in the HELL is happening this year? I have never seen such inconsistent application of the rules in the NHL, not only from official to official, but by the SAME official in the SAME GAME! One guy mows an opponent over from behind, and gets a penalty. Awesome! Next period, another guy mows an opponent over from behind, and there’s no call.

Blatant, blatant, obvious, calls are being missed. Calls SO bad that my mom, who really doesn’t even watch hockey since I stopped playing nearly 20 years ago, could make these calls. Things happening right in front of an official that are not being called. And to think, this is why they put TWO officials on the ice in the first place!

Come on, folls. You really need to sharpen up.

#5 Daniel Carcillo

Nah, he doesn’t deserve his own logo.

The guy gets suspended for an unreal *10TH* time for boarding an Edmonton Oilers player. $775,000 for 11 points and 82 PIM – almost two minor penalties per game so far this year? I’m glad he’s on a one year deal and maybe not only Chicago will not re-sign him for next year, but the rest of the league will smarten up and no one else will sign him either.

So there you go. The Top 5 Craptastic Things About The NHL right now.

If the list changes I’ll update it, but for now, there you are!

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