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Me? On iTunes? You Bet!

Alright everyone, I need to make an announcement.

*stands up and addresses the crowd*

My name is Jarret, and I’m a pro wrestling fan. I have been for an awful long time.

I watch wrestling on television. I’ve participated in fantasy wrestling federations where we role-play as wrestling characters and developed our own wrestling tv shows. I’ve been to many live professional wrestling events, and for a while, I wanted to BE a pro wrestler, and even started training to do just that.

<begin plug>I own a professional wrestling web site that amalgamates wrestling and mixed martial arts news from around the world, and the site also features an awesome message board with a fun community.

Make sure you check out!<end plug>

A few months ago, some members of the site and I began a new project. We were going to venture into the world of digital media and internet content, and such was born the PODCAST.

Each week, myself and four friends from the web site get together over Skype, and we talk primarily about the world of pro wrestling. What happened over the last week? What do we think is going to happen in upcoming storylines and shows? We dissect the art of pro wrestling. Our most recent episode delved deep into the art of the wrestling promo. The trash talk. The interview. We played clips of our favorite promos and talked about why we loved them.

But we don’t just talk pro wrestling. We have an awesome Buy Or Sell segment, we talk tech, gaming, current news, pop culture, and anything else that comes to mind.

But now, the whole point of this post.

I’m pleased to announce that you can find the Podcast on iTunes! Check out the iTunes store to subscribe for free, or check out our iTunes web page, or the Podcast page to stream the podcasts in your browser.

Announcement Part 2: The Podcast, in just a few short months, has already reached over 5,000 downloads!

Thanks for all your support! You can be part of the podcast! Leave us a voicemail at 206-338-2228, email us at!

If you’d like to join us as a special guest, we record the podcast Tuesday evenings at approximately 10 PM, and is available Wednesday afternoons for downloads. You can hit me up on Skype @ octopusprime99 and join in on the fun!

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