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Idiot of the Week

Yes, another driving rant.

CHRIST, people are stupid.

So, I’m coming home yesterday. My lovely bride-to-be (oh my god, only like a week and a half away!) and I had left work and stopped off at the jewellery store to pick up my wedding band. We leave the mall unscathed, and continue on our way home.

We’re coming down our street, and we’re behind this lady, and she slows to a near stop – doesn’t signal – and pulls over to the side of the road, and stops.

She’s parking, right?

Nuh-uh! As I pull out to go around her, she suddenly whips over and tries to pull into her driveway – across the street – and damn near cuts me off faster than a Star Wars geek runs to the store to pick up the latest Darth Vader lightsaber. I hit the horn and she slams on the brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Let’s review this, without the sarcasm, shall we?

I’m following this lady. She slows – doesn’t signal – and pulls over to the side of the road, and stops. She doesn’t signal, and suddenly tries to pull out and turn into her driveway – across two lanes – and act that would have sent the nose of her vehicle right into my passenger door.

Pretty cut and dried, right?

So, we get home, and I go inside and proceed to keep my daily appointment with a good book, when the doorbell rings. I’m, um, preoccupied, so Stephanie answers the door.

Here’s this woman, giving Stephanie shit for speeding and reckless driving! The f*cking nerve!

Let’s get one thing straight. Since she slowed down, and came to a stop, there’s no way I was speeding. I was LUCKY if I was doing 25-30. There’s no way in HELL I was going over 50. So she’s ranting and raving about putting her kid and her dog in danger, and reckless driving, and speeding, and IT WASN’T EVEN STEPHANIE DRIVING! Steph tries to explain things, but the lady leaves, and Steph tells me what happened.

So, I’m pissed. I throw my shoes back on, and head outside after the woman, who is now talking to the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH leader. For Christ’s sakes.

I walk over there and cut a promo on her. Damn, I’m mad. She tries to tell us she was signalling, which she absolutely wasn’t – BOTH TIMES – and I give her shit about pulling over to the side of the road – she’s parking. She doesn’t need to make a big fade out to pull into her driveway – she’s driving a SEDAN, not a fucking Peterbilt! Then I run down how she’s full of shit – she didn’t look, I wasn’t speeding, she DIDN’T SIGNAL, and the coup de gras, how could she know what was going on if she has the AUDACITY to come to my house to rip into Stephanie for the event, AND SHE WASN’T EVEN DRIVING?!?!?

This bitch shut up fast and hard, and wouldn’t say a word after that. I told her to watch what the hell she was doing, and stormed off.

MAN, idiots piss me off so much.

*deep breath*

There, I’m done ranting now.

How was YOUR day?