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Finding A Forever Home

If any of you know Stephanie and I, you know that we’re big softies for four legged creatures. We currently have two dogs and three cats of our own, and all of them have been rescues. We’ve also had another dog and three other cats that have spent their lives with us, and they too have been rescues.

There’s something about cute little fuzzy friends that are just too much to resist. We’d talked in the past about fostering other dogs on a temporary basis until they could find their forever homes and a great family to call their own, but we’d always been hesitant because one of our own dogs is a little fear-aggressive around other dogs (but she’s getting so much better recently), and didn’t want to deal with all the issues that integrating two animals like this brings.

We wanted to be able to provide the foster dog with all the training and help possible to get adopted as soon as possible, but at the same time, respect our existing relationships with our current dogs. We just didn’t think we could handle it all.

Well, that was until we saw an email with a desperate plea to help save six dogs in Selkirk that were about to be put down because the local facility just couldn’t keep them any longer. We decided that saving a dog’s life was a little more important than a little convenience on our part.

The pictures aren’t outstanding, but we’d like you to meet Dash.






We’ll post more pictures of him as we get better ones.

Dash is a male Border Collie cross (we’re not sure what he’s crossed with though). We’ve only had Dash for three days as of this writing. He came to us with no name, and no real history as to what was going on with him.

We were told he’s about a year old, but we figure he’s closer to 8-10 months, as he’s tall, but he hasn’t filled out a lot yet. Dash is incredibly friendly and sweet, and he gets along equally well with dogs as well as cats, and people of all ages. Because he’s still in puppy stage, he plays pretty hard with other animals, but that will come out of him in time.

Now that we’re getting a chance to work with him after the whole hoopla of bringing him home and introducing him to the other dogs and a brand new environment, we can tell that Dash is an extremely intelligent dog. He has learned the “sit” command in just a minute or two of work, and he listens when you speak to him.

He’s energetic and loves to play and keep busy, so he would be an excellent fit for a person or family that can keep him active and engaged. He really enjoys long walks in the dog park, and with his speed and athleticism, he would be an awesome candidate for dog sports like Agility or Fly-ball.

When he’s at rest, Dash loves being petted and loves to cuddle. He’s a real sweetheart, and would make an excellent companion.

We’re extremely happy that we were able to spare Dash’s life and save him from being destroyed as he’s such a good dog, but we really need to find Dash his forever home. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, please consider coming to meet him. If you know someone who’s interested in a dog, please let them know about Dash. He’d make an excellent addition to any home.