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Changing My Tune

When it comes to sports, and especially hockey, I’ve always been pretty opinionated. I’ve followed the NHL as far back as I can possibly remember. I used to have hockey cards pinned up on the kitchen wall. I used to know the name of every player in the league, what team they played on, and their stats for the last several years.

As a hockey fan, I’ve always been a Wayne Gretzky, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers fan.

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz around Winnipeg lately, you might have figured out we used to (and now once again) have this little NHL team called the Winnipeg Jets.

So, people used to ask me… why aren’t the Jets your favorite team? You should support your local team! You’re a traitor if you don’t like your local team!

Well, sorry to disappoint everyone, but back then, the Jets sucked. They got whipped from pillar to post by Mr. Gretzky and the Oilers on a yearly basis, and never came close to a Stanley Cup.

Now, it’s 15 years later. The NHL has returned to Winnipeg. And, you know something?

I’m really cheering for this team.

Win or lose, I’m a Winnipeg Jets fan.

I was originally one of the skeptics. I used all the same old excuses. Tickets are going to be too expensive. We didn’t support the Jets before, so why would we now? They’re just going to leave again.

The return of the Jets to Winnipeg has become the talk of Canada, even North America in hockey circles. The work that Mr. Chipman and Mr. Thompson, along with all of True North, has been phenomenal, and the buzz that has gripped this city is nothing short of unbelieveable.

And I’m caught up in it 120%.

It doesn’t matter if they’re called the Jets. It doesn’t matter if the logo has changed.

NHL hockey is back in town.

I follow some hockey players on Twitter, and all of the transplanted Atlanta Thrashers that are now Winnipeg Jets have been nothing short of excited to be here, stoked to play hockey in Winnipeg, and have carried themselves with a whole ton of class. Especially Evander Kane, who is now officially my favorite Winnipeg Jet.

Don’t worry, Mr. Gretzky. You’re always going to be my favorite player of all time. Don’t worry, Detroit Red Wings, you’re still my favorite team.

But, you’re going to have to move over, because the Winnipeg Jets have claimed one of the spots in my hockey heart.

I support my local team.

Winnipeg Jets Logo

I’m a Winnipeg Jets fan.


2 Responses to Changing My Tune

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love it! I’m also caught up in the excitement and a renewed fan! Now…if we can just get to go to a hockey game! :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Love it! I’m also caught up in the excitement and a renewed fan! Now…if we can just get to go to a hockey game! :)