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A Weekend of Surprises

Or, alternatively titled: “I Feel Like A Stunt Santa Claus”.

This past weekend was a barrel of fun. So much of a barrel, actually, that I was expecting a roving band of monkeys dressed in overalls to jump out of the corner and surprise me with a mismatched choir of trumpets.

Saturday was the culmination of a huge swerve, orchestrated by myself, Stephanie, and our friend Noelle. (And if you don’t know what a swerve is, then I suggest you take Wrestling 101 before you read this or any future blog posts.)

Let’s just say that through close corporate sources, Stephanie and I regularly “beat the box office” at the MTS Center (I refuse to spell center – or any other ER word with the R first “just because”) and it was time for the WWE to visit town again, this time with the Smackdown! brand.

Tickets went on sale a couple months ago, and I wasn’t really planning on going, but Stephanie emails me at work and says “wanna go?” – and I hadn’t been to a live PRO event for so long, I figured I’d better. I immediately call Nem (I said I’d never use his name), and see if he’s planning on going – since I can get in early and get good seats) and tell him that I wasn’t planning on going, but I can get him good seats if he wants to go (thus begins the swerve). He says “no, I don’t have a ton of money right now.”

(Neither do I, but who does? A TON of money is an awful lot of money. I’ll have to hit up my friend “The Donald” to see how much a ton is.)

Nem says “I’ll see if Noelle feels like getting me tickets later for my birthday.”

Cool. So it was left at that. Or was it?

Seconds after hanging up with Nem, I call his wife, Noelle, and let her know. She wants to go, and thinks it would be a perfect birthday gift for Nem. Tickets go on sale in about 10 minutes, so we hatch a quick plan to give Nem a ticket for his birthday, and I hang up to go buy tickets.

Five tickets. Oh yeah – Steph’s Dad is a HUGE wrestling fan, so he gets a ticket for all the work he’s done for us lately.


Ringside. YES!

Of course, NONE of this is told to Nem – all he knows is on Saturday, we’re going out. We’re not going to wrestling, cause I didn’t want to go. HA!

We start off with dinner at the Tavern – conveniently located RIGHT BESIDE the MTS Center where the show is happening – and have a good meal. Actually, even before we start eating, there’s Nem, Noelle, Morris (Steph’s Dad) me, Steph, and Mel and her boyfriend (sorry, forgot his name), and I tell Noelle that these things are burning a hole in my pocket. Can I give them to him now? She says yes, and we get Nem to close his eyes. I put the tickets on his plate, and as he opens his eyes, they go wide as Anna Nicole Smith’s at the sight of a rich old man, and a legitimate “HOLY SHIT!” comes out of his mouth with about the volume of a Nickelback concert.

That made it all worth it right there. Plus, we had a great time at the show. Congrats Nem, and happy birthday, ya old bastard.

That was Saturday.

Sunday was about my bride-to-be, Stephanie. Some time ago, my conniving (I think that’s spelled right) sister decided to throw her a bridal shower. I tell Stephanie to book the Sunday off from Nutro, but don’t tell her why – just that she has plans.

Not a whole lot to tell about this one, as I wasn’t there, but pretty much all the ladies on my Mom’s side of the family were there (save for Aunt Lorraine), plus some close friends both at and outside of work were there. Take the family and friends, add in some good food courtesy of my sister (and I’m guessing the other ladies too), and throw it all together in a bowl and mix it up with that oversized fork and spoon, and you’ve got a pretty good time.

Thanks to everyone for doing that for us!

In the meantime, I got to put my brother-in-law to work (thanks Ian for installing that security system). Now all the thieving-wannabe-bastards are going to caught if they ever try to mess with our place! I also got to spend some time with my nephew Zach, which is always fun, since I get to play videogames with him – and Steph wasn’t there to take the TV away! HAHA! We played some StarWars: Battlefront together as team, and together we captured many command posts and wasted dozens, if not hundreds of enemies.

Good times, good times.

2 Responses to A Weekend of Surprises

  1. Nem says:

    And once again, Ye Olde Bastard says Thank-you! It was a great time.

  2. Nem says:

    And once again, Ye Olde Bastard says Thank-you! It was a great time.