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A Reboot, Of Sorts

Once upon a time, there was a blog. A very sad, lonely, and most importantly, almost empty, blog.

That blog – who shall not be named – was my previous attempt at blogging. It started off strong, capturing my thoughts on everything from hockey, music, and random horrible drivers, but alas and alack, it started to die a slow, horrible, painful death.

For you see, blogs that are not updated regularly are not happy blogs. If they have no wares to showcase, they quickly and easily fall into the depths of the interwebs, never to be viewed or commented on again.

But this… this my friends, is a new blog. A clean slate. A brand new attempt for me to share my musings, for they are great musings, and should not be trapped in my brain where only I can enjoy the immense wit, comedy, clarity, and common sense that I possess.

Nay, dear internet reader, these thoughts must be posted for the world to share, if only to provide me, as the writer, with a brief escape from the everyday dregs of society, and to provide you, ADD-rattled victim of modern media – a place to rest for just a couple minutes, and in those couple minutes, may I entertain you.

Or at the very least, make you think.

Thanks for stopping by.