Zombie Apocalypse Update

Well, this is odd.

A while back, I wrote about how Zombies were invading my dreams and turning my treasured sleepy time into a twisted version of The Walking Dead. I was having a recurring – yet serial and ongoing, like a TV drama – dream about being chased by zombies.

I never did figure out why I started having them or why they were recurring. I didn’t think I was particularly scared of zombies. I had no other reason to dream about them. Maybe it was some other problem manifesting itself in that fashion.

Well, whatever it was, since I wrote that last blog post the dreams have stopped. I actually have gone to sleep at night hoping they come back so I can figure it all out – or at least just see what the hell happens next, but they’ve just plain stopped. No rhyme or reason, they’re just gone.

I wonder if you’re all as disappointed as I am.

Anyway, just thought I’d update you as a few of you have been asking. Maybe once The Walking Dead comes back on TV it’ll pick up again. ;)