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Random Thoughts: June 18 2013

As is custom, especially around offices, in the morning we always tend to greet each other with the time-tested phrase “good morning”. Sometimes “good day”, maybe even “g’day”, but usually it’s “good morning”. It might even be shortened to “morning”.

Every time I hear “good morning” or “morning” used as a greeting, I’m magically transported to one of the absolute greatest skits of all time: Monty Python’s “Spam” skit.

It starts off just as you or I might greet each other: two people sitting down in a cafe to order breakfast, and they say “morning” to greet each other. Absolutely hilarious!


Totally Random Thought

So, I saw this on Twitter…

And, being a relatively healthy adult male, that immediately put my mind into the gutter. Does anyone reading this watch Storage Wars? I know he’s fired now, but there are this many variations of crying out “yes” during sex, what does Dave Hester do?

Dave’s lady: Yes! Yes! Oh yes!


You’re welcome, dear readers.