VH ADKOT Day 4: “China Town”

Alright, getting back into this after some really busy times!

An interesting bit of what sounds like tapping from Edward leads into some crashing drums and power chords that instantly takes us into an absolute earthquake of drums and bass underneath some crunchy guitar and I’ve grabbed onto my desk to brace for the upcoming destruction of the world…

… and then I’m a bit underwhelmed. The earth stops shaking, and the walls stop crumbling around me. The song progresses into a good driving riff by Edward and matched by Wolfgang on bass, but there’s something about the vocals that subdues it all. Not to say that it’s “bad” – DLR rather sounds excellent, his voice strong in the upper range, but it’s like it doesn’t match the song underneath. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it’s like it’s two very different parts – the music and the vocals – but they don’t gel well together.

This is indicative of the rest of the song as well. Musically, I think this song is excellent. It drives and pounds in all the right spots, and Edward fuses lead and rythym together as only he can. Wolfgang is a monster on bass as he keeps up with his dad note for note. The backup vocals are impeccable, and Alex is spot on with the drums, but I just keep coming back to the lead vocal just being… off.

The guitar solo is an exhibition of Edward’s work with the whammy bar. He has harmonics and notes dipping and diving all over the place, and shows that he’s still got the speed in his chops as he shreds through some scale work, capping it off with some tapping that matches the start of the song.

Overall: As I said before, musically, this song is top notch. Love it. And it’s not that Dave does a poor job, I just don’t think the combination of the melody and his voice is a true fit for the music, and that kinda bums me out on the song on the whole. I would give this one much lower marks, but the music is just SO good that it saved the song for me.

Score: 7 out of 10