Mobile Applications – WP7 vs. The World

I was doing a little thinking this morning about the mobile space and WHY people choose one device over the other. I hear all the time that people choose Apple’s iPhone over Windows Phone 7 because there’s more apps and games available in the Apple Store than there are in the Windows Marketplace.

The selling point is that Windows Phone 7 lags far behind in their marketplace because WP7 only has just over 30,000 apps in the marketplace, while Android and iOS boast in the hundreds of thousands.

I’m not sure about Android because I’ve never used their app store, but with Apple, that number is at least partially inflated, as trial and full version apps are treated as seperate apps, and are counted as such. With WP7, the trial and full version are the same app – when you get the trial, you actually have the full version, but it’s feature┬álocked until you pay for it. I know that doesn’t make up for the difference, but just food for thought.

Also, WP7 has been on the market less than a year. Apple has had it’s app store for over 3 years, AND… WP7 has reached those 30,000 apps FASTER than both Android and Apple hit their 30,000 milestone – and that count is not artificially inflated like Apple is.

There’s an iPhone and an iPod Touch in our house. I’ve spent hours in the Apple app store, and let’s face it… a lot of those “hundreds of thousands of apps” are, well, crap.

Plus… studies have determined that 90% of the apps that users determined are the top must-have apps – are available in the Windows marketplace.

Microsoft is aggressively courting iOS, Android, and (former) WebOS developers to come over and give WP7 a try. Who knows? In the next 2 and half years, WP7 might just hit that “hundreds of thousands” of apps that Apple and Android have now.

So, are WP7 and Apple REALLY that far apart in the app space? I don’t think so. With a little time for WP7 to mature like iOS has already had, I think we’re going to see a whole different ball game.