And That’s Why It’s Good To Be…

*raises an eyebrow*


No, this post isn’t about how fabulous and awesome I am – I’ll save that for a later date.

This post is a quick note about celebrated author, marketing tycoon, and businessman extraordinaire. Did I also mention he’s the front man for rock icons KISS?


That’s right. Good ol’ Gene Simmons.

I was never really much of a KISS fan. Aside from my days as a youngster, where I really liked the song Crazy Nights, and sang with it repeatedly at high volumes during bath times. Too much information, I know. But it’s true. It’s damn true.

So, any time I heard the name Gene Simmons, I just put two and two together, and arriving at six, all I did was think “Oh, Gene Simmons. He’s in KISS. They suck. Therefore, he sucks.”

Brilliant, I know.

However, recently, my wife and I have been watching Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels on television, and while at first, I was like “Oh, Gene Simmons,” I’ve really come to enjoy the show, and perhaps more importantly, change my opinion of Gene Simmons.

The man has an ungodly work ethic. He’ll stop at nothing to get the next business deal done or to make the next million dollars. He writes books. He’s helping his kids. And he puts up with Shannon Tweed. My word, the man’s a freaking machine.

He can still sing, too. I never thought he was horrible, but just not great, but at close to 60, the guy still sounds really good.

And the big thing is, behind that whole macho, rock star exterior, Gene Simmons is really just a guy that loves his family, wants them to have the best, and works hard to make sure they do well in school and be prepared for life. He’s a good dad.

He’s really a cool guy.

The whole family’s funny. Slightly dysfunctional, but hilarious. I really get a kick out of this show, and I’m happy that I’ve had the chance to have my opinion of Gene Simmons changed. I’ve gained a new respect for the man.

Good on ya, Gene. Well done.

See? A leopard CAN change his spots.

Until next time.