Catching Up

Holy CRAP I’m back!

I don’t know what it is, but it always seems like I’ve got something else to do except update my blog. It’s been almost FOUR MONTHS. Unbelieveable. I’ve got to keep on top of things.


This post will be just a short one to catch up on what’s been going on since the last post. Then we’ll get back into regular updates.

Sound good?

Ok. We’ll continue.

Work: Crazy. Probably the biggest reason why things are so wild. Not that it’s hard or anything, but over the past month or two, it’s been either I’m on call for a week, or I’ve got some change or implementation or maintenance to do, and it’s an hour or two a night for weeks at a time. Steph is totally swamped at work. Nothing overwhelming, but she’s just a lot busier than she ever was at Allstream. That’s the difference in sheer numbers between the companies. Quite the change for her.

Family: My nephew Zach’s birthday was on the 27th. Fun times. Got him a Star Wars game for the computer that he absolutely loved. SCORE! My birthday was on the 21st, and Steph and I, her mom and dad, Bryon and Noelle, and Mel and Ryan were able to go out for supper at Palatal. Great food, and it was real enjoyable just to be able to sit down and visit with everyone. Haven’t done that in a while. My mom and dad are having some family friends from Ontario come for 10 days starting on the 26th, so we’re going to head out there on the 27th and visit. Should be fun.

Friends: My buddy Jamie’s getting married. June 23rd. I’m in the wedding party! Should be a blast. I’ve known Jamie since we were about 10 years old. Jenn seems like a real nice girl, and I hope they’re going to be realy happy. Good times! Mic has an absolutely STUPID schedule over at Shaw, so I don’t get to see him that often. I haven’t really talked to Bryon and Noelle since my birthday, so I’ve got to get a hold of them. Everyone’s too f*cking busy! Been hanging out more with Mel and Ryan. Good times. Sarah came over last night to torture me while I was watching a Star Trek movie. Put her and Stephanie together, and hilarity ensues with their little comments.

Fuzzy Friends: Well, we’ve got Zoey into “general population”. She’s graduated from her own room, to living with the other cats. I think she’s still a little scared, but she’s adjusting well. Her and Jazz seem to getting along rather well, but she and Kitty still seem to have some issues, although they’re getting better. Cola’s doing well, attending agility, and generally being an all around suck. Cola’s Cola. She’s awesome. Kira went to the vet yesterday because we thought she had kennel cough, but everything turned out OK. Met a new vet from Louisiana who was a Katrina victim. What an awesome woman. Kira’s still in agility as well, but is EXCELLING in Fly Ball. We always thought she was fast at home the way she plays and runs around the yard, but man, when she’s focused, she’s *FAST*!! She’s the best dog in the new group of fly ball dogs. She can run over all four jumps (*FAST*!!), pick up the tennis ball from a person or off the ground, and then come back over all the jumps (*FAST*!!!). We just need to add hitting the box for the tennis ball, and she’ll be ready to race. I went and watched her one Sunday night, and I was BLOWN AWAY by how fast our Kira is. Unbelieveable.

Miscellaneous: My Red Wings are still in the playoffs, and looking to get into the Stanley Cup Final. Awesome news there. We’ve been to a couple concerts recently. Barenaked Ladies and Jann Arden. Both great shows, and we were FIRST ROW for BNL! Good times. Lots of pictures taken. Ryan and I went to a Manitoba Moose hockey game a couple weeks ago. Arena was almost empty, and it was the first playoff game of the season. Wow. Steph and I bought tickets for last night’s game seven in case it happened, but wouldn’t ya know it, the Moose blew a 2-0 lead in game 6 and lost 3-2 in OT, so there was no game 7 to attend. We also attended the Gold Medal game for the Women’s World Championship, and it was GREAT fun to see our Canadian Women rock all over those chumps from the USA. Way to go, girls! And yeah, I’ve been spending WAY too much time playing Guitar Hero II. I can’t put it down. Finally moved up into Medium difficulty, and got Perfect on the first 6 songs, but Pearl Jam’s “Life Wasted” is going to kill me. Steph is even playing, which is awesome!

That’s about it for now. We’re all caught up, so hopefully I can keep this thing going. We eventually want to get blogs for the animals too, but we’ll see how that goes.

Yeah, we’re crazy.