Changes keep a comin’!

It’s been awhile, but I’m baaaaaaaack!

And we thought 2006 was the year for change…. hehehehe…

2007 hasn’t started any slower. We’re a month in, and already lots of changes are coming.

Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution – ok, well, not everyone, but for a lot of people – is to lose some weight. That’s something that Stephanie and I are trying to do. A couple weeks into our program, I think we’re doing ok – Stephanie much better than I – but we’re plugging along. I don’t think we’re about losing X number of pounds in Y amount of time, but rather, making some changes so that we’re eating healthier, and getting in routine excercise. Stephanie’s already getting compliments, and I’m proud of her. I might have lost a few pounds, but I need to step up on the exercise. I was doing ok, then close to a week of being pretty sick has knocked me off track. But I’ll get back on the horse. At least we’re eating MUCH better consistently everyday.

Another reason to be proud of Stephanie is that she’s a happy new employee of Great West Life – you got it, that’s where I work (as if you haven’t been able to tell from my previous posts :) ). After nine years of service at MTS, Stephanie’s picking up her boots and coming over to GWL. There’s been a lot of changes within MTS, and she’s faced a lot of adversity there from idiot co-workers and management, so it was time to move on. Stephanie will be joining the change management group in GWL, which is what she’s doing now at MTS. Her first day is February 12th, 2007, and even better yet, she gets to work in the same building as me – and on the same floor! No more driving back and forth in the morning to get us to work, and to meet for lunch. Things will be much easier now.

And speaking of said employment change, that’s prompted us to make some services changes. We currently have MTS for our telephone, television, internet, and cell service. And, we get some nice discounts cause Steph is still an employee there. Can you say free internet? :) However, now that Steph’s leaving, we’re making a wholesale change. Television, internet (10 MB!), and telephone will be handled by Shaw – thanks to Ryan for the hook up! Cellular? Well, we still have contracts and all, so it’s not so simple. And, Steph gets a new cell phone today!

And this is all just January!

Stay tuned for more in our ever-evolving world!