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Dogs Looking For Help

Wow! Two posts in one day. However, this one is a more serious one…

My wife sent me an email from a lady in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. These two people had a dog sled team, but the people were killed in a car accident, leaving behind 60 dogs. If you can help foster a dog, or know someone that can, please try and help out.

Original Message:

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From: Wendy Bertin Date: November 19, 2006 2:42:45 PM MST (CA) To: mdhowes@… Subject: Cold Creek Kennels

Hi there, My name is Wendy Bertin (403-804-0575). I have been approached by one of the neighbors (through a friend) that has been taking care of the sled dogs from Cold Creek Kennels owned by Wayne Alexander and Sherri-Lynn Krock. They were killed in a car accident on November 14, 2006, leaving behind approx. 60 dogs that their neighbors have been caring for.

They are still looking after them and are looking for rescue groups, kennels or other groups to take them. I was approached because I foster for a different rescue group and they thought I may have contacts. Anyway, I was wondering if you could or are providing help. I realize 60 dogs is too many for any one group and that’s why I am trying to contact people who may have some connections to many groups. If you can help, please call the following person or email me back with your contact information and I can have someone call you. The neighbor is Karl and his number is 780-789-2348 or cell, 780-405-2216. He would know more information about these dogs.

Thanks Wendy

Just for the record – Alaskan Malamute HELP league is spear heading the rehoming of these dogs. AMHL Regional Coordinator, Judy Harvey, and the national rescue coordinator, Duffy Taylor, would like folks interested in these malamutes to fill out an adoption application explicitly referencing the Cold Creek Kennels. The adoption application can be found at:


End Original Message


The Thump Is Dead. Long Live The Thump.

Just a quick note to let everyone know there’s been a shake up in the land of Cadence Thump. If anyone’s read the Official Cadence Thump Blog, Dave says that I left the band because of a need to “pursue my job”.

I’m not going to get into too much mudslinging, but this is the root of the problem of why I left the band. But, I told you, dear reader, that in this blog I would be utterly honest and would pull no punches.

The REAL problem was communication, or lack thereof.

Dave preaches the need for communication, but is, in fact, horrible at it. Combine that with a constant case of paranoia, and the result is a person who constantly feels the need to question everyone’s committment to the band, but does it in a way that he sneaks around behind everyone’s back, and refuses to ask the tough questions face to face.

And when he’s confronted about it, well, without getting into all the grizzly details of what was discussed (I’ll give Dave that much respect), let me just say that Dave spins like a top. He’d make a fantastic politician.

I left the Cadence Thump because of this lack of coummunication, and overload of drama. NOT because of time committments or “pursuing my job”. I HAVE a job, thank you, I don’t need to pursue one, and if having to miss practice once in a blue moon because of forced overtime is a sin, then I’m guilty. But apparently this presented too much of a problem, and I’d rather get out now while I can instead of stuff like this festering for the next however many years. Bryon left the band because he couldn’t stand being the middleman for people that didn’t want to communicate directly. He made a wise choice and put friends before a band that may or may not accomplish anything.

The thing is, Dave’s a nice guy. He’s a good person, and we have a lot in common. We’re both sci-fi geeks. I’d like to remain friends with him, but I’m sorry, I just can’t work with him.

Apparently Victor and Dave will continue to work together, and that’s great. Victor’s a great guy and a fantastic singer from what I gathered in the short time I worked with him. I’d love to work with him again sometime in the future. Word is they have a new drummer.

I’d like to sincerely wish Good Luck to Cadence Thump in whatever they choose to do in the future.


More Than Meets The Eye

Held on the past weekend in Winnipeg, it’s the 2006 Manitoba ComicCon. I won GOLD passes from the radio, so it’s free admission, plus I got to go in 30 minutes before anyone else did. There’s tons of shit there – thousands of comics, all kinds of Star Wars, Star Trek, multitudes of other action and sports figures, and comic artists showing off their stuff. I of course went for the Transformers, and I picked up some good stuff…

Slugfest Cassette: (my wife actually bought this for herself):

Titanium Jetfire:

Titanium Optimus Prime:

Classics Optimus Prime:

And the score of the day: a 100% complete Metroplex

I ALMOST bought a boxed, complete Fortress Maximus, but I couldn’t part with the $500. I will be back next year though, and that sucker’s going to be mine. MINE!! I just wish I had a money tree growing in my backyard, cause there was all kinds of great stuff there.

Ah, there’s always next year.